Covid regulations

Safety practices for the classes of under 20-year-olds

  • All children’s hobby classes will be 45 minutes long during February. There will be a 10-15 minute break between each class to ensure safe transition between groups and to avoid unnecessary contact indoors.
  • All class attendants must be waiting outside the entrance of the hall 5 minutes before the class begins. 
  • The instructor will get the children from outside the entrance.
  • The children will wash and disinfect their hands before and after every class under the supervision of the instructor. The equipment and common areas will also be disinfected between each class.

  • Due to the restrictions, parents are not allowed indoors. The children are the responsibility of the instructor while indoors. 
    • If it is absolutely necessary for a parent to accompany their child indoors, this will happen with a face mask, after disinfecting hands and only for the necessary time. 
    • Parents are not allowed to wait inside during the class. We ask that you make your child’s hobby easier by dressing them in outerwear and shoes they are able to take off and put on themselves.
  • If there are any symptoms of an illness, please do not come to the class.
  • The group sizes have been limited due to the coronavirus.

We will send new invoices to all enrolled members in the beginning of next week. These invoices will only be for classes in February.

Do not pay the invoice for the entire season, we will send new invoices to replace them later. The invoice for February will include the club member fee. If we are able to continue the rest of the season, the rest will be charged later on. The current enrollment is only for February.

The classes will run normally during the spring break as well.

Prices of children’s classes in February (includes the member fee for the spring season and 4 classes):

  • Temppis 49€
  • Hämeenkylä 45€
  • Other locations 39€

Competitive groups will be invoiced separately.

Enrollment for the February classes is open, and it is possible to enroll if there is space. Notice that the updating of the changed timetables and prices is still in progress in the registration system. You can see the correct times and locations on our website.

We will send group specific info via email a day before the class begins at the latest.