Vantaa Gymnastics Club (VVS)

VVS was founded in 1976 in Vantaa and it is one of the biggest gymnastics clubs in Finland. The club has over 2000 members and it is a member of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation. 

We offer:

  • Exercise classes for children, adults and families in, for example, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and parkour
  • Competitive and non-competitive groups in aesthetic group gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics and flow gymnastics
  • Gym facilities, personal training and circuit-training

The club is an active local organizer of events, competitions and shows. We welcome youth and adults to join in on the fun!

–Exercise with good spirit –

For more information about the club, please contact Vantaa Gymnastics Club's office:

Tel: 040 763 8995

Address: Vetokuja 1, 01600 Vantaa