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VVS was founded in 1976 in Vantaa and it is one of the biggest gymnastics and dance associations in Finland. The club has about 1500 members and it is a member of The Finnish Gymnastics Federation. Today VVS offers exercise and competition possibilities versatilely in gymnastics, dance and fitness exercise for different age groups throughout lifetime.

VVS operations are divided into three sectors: aesthetic group gymnastics, dance and freetime exercise. Basic exercising offers members different kinds of classes for beginners and also for more advanced hobbyists. VVS also offers performing groups for freetime exercisers.

In aesthetic group gymnastics the club aims to compete at world class top level. Children can start gymnastics in the club at the age of 3-4 years. Further on teams that aim for national and international are formed. 

The club is an active local organizer of different events, competitions and shows. It welcomes youth and adults to join in to enjoy cooperation and activities and promotes good spirit.

Exercise with good spirit –

For more information about the club, please contact Vantaa Gymnastics Club's office:

Address: Lammastie 3, 01710 Vantaa
Tel: 040 763 8995


For more information about the aesthetic group gymnastics, please contact Anu Kuusela

Tel: 040 7404 120, e-mail:

Women's gymnastics group "Ajattomat"
Children's aesthetic group gymnastics